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Your 1st Session is your intake: You will fill out the intake forms either prior to coming up to the office, or you will fill them out right there. 

After you fill out your forms, you will join me in my office and we will talk about your situation, I'll get the history and specifics about your issues. Then, I will perform an exam, first I will check out your posture, then I will assess your spinal alignment and perform some neurologic and orthopedic tests.  Once I've got a good picture of your situation, I will explain to you what diagnosis I have concluded and suggest a treatment for you.  And, you will receive your 1st treatment.  I always give suggestions and advice on how to help yourself after you leave, with homework, too.

1st Session: Intake - lasts about 1.5 hrs.

Follow up Sessions depend on your needs, I offer: 

Adjustment only: about 15 min. Also:

1/2 hour sessions, 1 hour sessions, 1.5 hour sessions, and 2 hour sessions

Chiropractic Care

Is where it's at! Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments align the spine and keep your joints healthy and your nervous system happy,

Adjustments: I use the the type of spinal alignment to fit you. 

Depending on your injury and need, the adjustments I give are geared toward the level of gentleness or strength which serves best.

Blocks,  Activator, Drop, Diversified Technique or combinations thereof are used.

Also used in treatment:

Oscillating Somatic Therapy

Gentle or Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Chiropractic Care & CranioSacral Therapy together... is a perfect combination. Aligning the spine before receiving CST provides highest benefit for both these modalities, they go hand in hand. When the spine is first aligned with a Chiropractic adjustment, and then CranioSacral Therapy is given, the results are incredible. The adjustment puts the spine into an optimal setting, allowing CST to go even deeper in effectiveness.

​I enjoy utilizing my range of experience to tailor my work to the unique, diverse needs of each patient.  For the sensitive and traumatized patient, I understand the need for gentle care - while going deeper.  Injuries, auto collisions, chronic fatigue, stress, and overwrought nervous systems respond well to my style.  We take it gently:  a step-by-step flow tailored just for the individual.  My lifetime of continuing inner work makes this work possible. Simultaneously, I have full appreciation for those who regularly work their bodies hard and need a more direct approach. Those with chronic and acute pain and dysfunction from lots of physical work love my style, and find it essential for increased quality of life - especially as they head into the less-than-youthful years.  In order to make life work in ease and harmony, we need balance.  And we need to heal.  Finding the right care to balance it all out can be a challenge.  My intention is to help provide that healing balance.

CranioSacral Therapy

Come experience my CranioSacral Therapy - "CST"      

It is a most nurturing technique. 

Incredibly Soothing, Gentle, Nurturing Care For Headaches, Stress, Trauma, Jaw Pain & Dysfunction, Neck Pain, Vertigo, Low Back Pain, Chronic as well as Acute Issues, Systemic Tension,.....

​Gentle placement of hands to the head, neck and other parts of the fully clothed body to tap into the body's rhythm.  This quiet, focused therapy subtly unwinds and releases tension in the connective tissue system throughout the cranium and fascia of the body.  ​To put it simply (there is a lot more to it...) it provides ​gentle effective unwinding to the connective tissue system, calms the central nervous system, and results in deep relief and healing.  Since 1994, I have enjoyed the true gift of providing this gentle, relaxing, deeply therapeutic work.
Imagine just letting go and allowing yourself to receive a caring nurturing touch which deeply teaches the nervous system to be calm, and allows your body - mind - and spirit to unwind and to release deep stress and pain. Patients report that they feel much better, feel "more connected" and "deeply relaxed" - the work I do releases and unwinds restrictions and the pent up energies held deep within the connective tissue system and it's interface between the skeletal, brain, and muscular systems.  The cerebrospinal fluid flow through the brain and around the spinal cord is balanced and the parasympathetic nervous system in enhanced for innate healing at the deepest level.

Every session is different and is geared towards exactly what is needed. It unfolds moment by moment.

  • ​Chronic pain through the head and neck, upper body and beyond is relieved.  

  • Migraines and tension headaches respond amazingly well. 

  • Chronic systemic inflammation

  • Low back pain is reduced. 

  • CST is extremely effective for whiplash injuries

  •  Jaw pain, dysfunction, tightness: TMJ disorders respond greatly, especially with use of work on the muscles of mastication (chewing), including the pterygoids and other associated muscles.

  • Excellent for any kind of trauma where the body is too traumatized for the classic chiropractic adjustment. Successful treatment for victims of auto accidents who need the most gentle treatments. 

  • Chronic issues respond well - as the adhesions within the connective tissue system are unwound.

                                   Help For Jaw Dysfunction, Pain & Tightness

What is at times overlooked or thought to be minor enough to ignore, jaw tightness and pain has a negative impact on one's overall health and well being.  The jaw is a common place for stress of all kinds to be stored and as the autonomic nervous system tries to work it out, the teeth can and do suffer.
Your dentist might have referred you to me for assistance in this area.

Treatment is varied and dependent on the individual. 
A gloved hand goes gently inside the mouth to apply pressure the the tight muscles there.  When it is called for, the pressure might be deeper, while gauging moment to moment care with the patient.  Massage therapy on the outside of the face, neck, and shoulders is utilized.  CranioSacral Therapy is often used, too.
​Spinal adjustments are given. The jaw might receive a very gentle adjustment.

​Excellent results are achieved. The benefits are profound and effect the health of the whole body and being.  This is very sensitive and unique work, and is taken step-by-step with a gentle, moment to moment approach. 

Foundational Diagnostic Nutrition:

In the years that I have been in practice, helping patients build their health and solve chronic issues has been one of the 

most gratifying experiences.

Much of the time, people become ill and have a vast array of chronic symptoms and problems which the allopathic approach just cannot

touch - with the diagnosis: "there is nothing wrong".

I offer Foundational Diagnostic Nutritional assistance to my patients and provide natural support for underlying issues - not disease diagnosis, but a way of approaching health on the deeper levels of function.  Nothing is "diagnosed" - instead, foundational function of the body's systems are addressed, along with a personal plan of action and ongoing support. 

Stress Management and Health Coaching

I am all about being empowered and though the years, have enjoyed assisting my patients into helping them become more and more empowered.  I offer tried and true real tools, coaching, support, suggestions, and an open heart for those who need assistance in dealing with stress, health concerns, manifesting difficulties, and more.  Sessions include CranioSacral Therapy if needed, as my intuitive nature facilitates  a deeper understanding of the whole picture, if needed.