Dr. Caralina Kvalstad

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                                           Chiropractic Adjustments release joint restrictions, relieves pain, stimulates the immune system, helps prevent injuries, 

increases a sense of well being,

helps release stress,

and just makes you feel better!

My CranioSacral Therapy intuitively unwinds you - freeing your body, mind and spirit of stored adhesions, energies, stress, and trauma.


Functional Medicine focuses on the Foundational Systems of the body - for healing from the inside out.


Coaching is naturally a part of this work:

we discuss ways to manage and clear stress patterns, I teach you effective tools. 

Heart & Hands

Especially now, it is important to take

care of yourself. Immune system care & stress management is essential!

As A Health Professional and deemed as an

essential service, I am ready to assist You!

All Precautions are taken to ensure your safety

and comfort.

Patients are seen one-at-a time and sessions are spaced between 15 minutes to a half hour apart.

Surfaces are sanitized before each patient visit.

My chiropractic adjusting table is sanitized

before each session & a fresh sheet is

placed on top, along of course with a fresh clean

face cloth. Two air purifiers and open windows

allow for excellent air circulation.

Hand sanitizer is available for you. 

Holistic Chiropractic Care:
I provide basic chiropractic adjustments and tune-ups, care for stress and trauma relief, care for acute and chronic injuries,
posture improvement,
 maintenance and more. Functional Medicine addresses systemic issues such as chronic fatigue, digestive issues, unresolved chronic problems, immune system imbalances, stress, and more.
The focus is on one patient at a time in my cozy office.
Each session is different, depending on the care needed, per visit.
 Come in for a full session of nurturing Intuitive CranioSacral Therapy, or Chiropractic Care, or combinations of Oscillating Somatic
Therapy, specific Trigger Point work, and the type of adjustments best suited for your condition.
I provide Functional Medicine with state-of-the-art Diagnostic Lab Testing and a comprehensive holistic plan of action
designed specifically for you, with health coaching and stress management techniques. 

My passion is providing Holistic Health Care for vibrant health on all levels of being. It is an honor to assist.
Since 1987.

Dr. Caralina Kvalstad


Office Hours: By Appointment:  Call/Text For Appointment Availability

Monday through Friday +/- Saturdays

Same-day appointments possible.

Functional Medicine - Diagnostic Lab Testing with Holistic Solutions are via phone or in person.

Stress Management and Clearing Sessions are available via phone or in person.

Complimentary Consultations are no charge via phone or in person.


Located in Down Town San Anselmo

633 San Anselmo Ave.  San Anselmo, CA  94960

Between Magnolia & Tamalipias,

See a Glass Door with my poster ~

Upstairs and around to the right.             


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